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Rostra 250-8208 4.3" LCD-Equipped Rearview Mirror Updated

Rostra is pleased to announce an incredible update to their RearSight LCD-equipped rearview mirror part number 250-8208.

Outfitted with all of the same functionality Rostra customers have come to expect from the previous version of this mirror, this update increases the usability of this item by adding the following:

  • Manual-dimming for nighttime driving.

  • One-touch Front/AUX camera view with auto-off *.

  • Includes standard lug mount and Hyundai/Kia adapter.* Exclusive Rostra feature.

  • Adjustable parking grid lines.

  • Remote control for accessing built-in functionality.

  • Dual RCA video inputs with individual triggers.

  • 9-foot video cable provides easier connectivity.

Quick Touch Button Functionality

The Quick Touch button built into the face of the 250-8208 mirror has different functionality available depending on the state of the vehicle.

A. When in reverse, a quick press of the power button will manually increase the overall brightness of the built-in LCD screen. Once maximum brightness has been reached, the brightness will reset. B. When the vehicle is not in reverse, the power button can be held for two seconds to display video from an auxiliary camera such as a forward-facing or blindspot unit.

250-8208 Kit Contents

The 250-8208 installation kit includes the LCD-equipped rearview mirror, power/ground/video harness, IR remote control for adjusting the on-screen display, wire cover, standard D-shaped mounting lug, and Hyundai/Kia lug adapter.

Parking Grid Lines and Remote Control

The 250-8208 mirror features on-screen parking assistance grid lines to aid drivers when maneuvering the vehicle in reverse by helping to provide an estimated distance to any objects in view of the backup camera using color-coded zones.

The remote control included with every 250-8208 mirror allows installers and vehicle owners to make vehicle-specific adjustments including turning parking assistance grid lines on or off as well as aligning the grid lines on-screen for increased parking accuracy.

Auto-Dimming LCD Screen

The mirror’s built-in photo sensor automatically dims the LCD screen in low light conditions to ease strain on the driver’s eyes while increasing illumination of the LCD during the day to make the screen easier to see in daylight.

The Rostra Difference

Rostra is proud to carry both ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949:2009 certifications. Their in-house testing facilities allow us to simulate extreme real-world conditions including tests for operation at hot and cold temperatures, along with ingress protection (IP) and vibration. Rostra parts go through hundreds of hours of testing in our lab environment before being made available to our customers.For the best in driving experience, choose a RearSight® backup camera system for your vehicle from Rostra, the leader in vehicle comfort, safety and security.