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4 Video Input Hide-a-way DVR System with Built-in Mic Crimestopper

UBB-4.CQ 4 Video Input Hide-a-way DVR System with Built-in Mic Just add camera's and a monitor you have a complete system Dlr Net: Call Msrp: 349.00

The CrimeStopper UBB-4.CQ is a hide-a-way DVR recording system for your vehicle. This system will be able to accept up to 4 different cameras and can provide 24/7 monitoring. The system has an included microphone as well as a input trigger that can be connected to an alarm to tell the system to start recording.

  • Download Manual

  • Provides around-the-clock monitoring of the vehicle

  • Up to (4) cameras can record while ignition is on

  • Built-in processor allows viewing of all cameras at once on external monitor (not included)

  • Up to (3) triggers can activate system

  • SD card can be removed to view files on a computer

  • (1) 32GB SD card

  • Standard or HD recording

  • Wired microphone included

  • Can be integrated into alarm system for triggered recording

  • Full function remote


The CrimeStopper UBB-4.CQ is a hide-a-way DVR recording system for your vehicle. The system can accept up to 4 individual cameras and has an included microphone to make sure you capture audio as well as video. The system offers a single video output to allow you to watch anything that has been recorded on an external monitor (not included). The system does come with an external IR sensor and remote so that you can control the playback as well as recording options from your seat. The system does include an 8 GB SD card but the system can handle up to 32 GB. The card is removable so that you can take the video and place them onto a computer. The video will record over top of itself once the SD card gets full. The system has a built-in “G-shock” sensor and what that means is if the vehicle is in an accident it will back the recording up 5 seconds prior to impact and store that video in a special folder. This folder will not be overwritten unless you remove the SD card and manually remove the folder from a computer.


  • Display Resolution: 720 × 480

  • Video System: NTSC / PAL

  • Video Inputs: (4) RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)

  • Video Outputs: (1) RCA 1.0Vp-p Composite (75 Ohm load)

  • Dimensions: 4"(L) × 6¾"(W) × 1¼"(D)

  • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 158°F (0°C - 70°C)

  • Power Source: DC 9V - 36V

  • Power Consumption: Active: ≤400mA Standby: ≤10mA

  • GPS: No

  • Wi-Fi: No

  • Audio In/Out: Yes

  • DVR Storage: SD Card (32GB Max)

  • Frame Rate: 30 FPS

  • Motion Detection: No

  • G-Sensor: No

  • Video Format: H.264 ASF

  • Image Format: None

  • Waterproof: No

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